TaylorMade Spider X Single Bend Putter - Chalk/White

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The TaylorMade Spider X Single Bend putter features upgraded stability for a streamlined shape as well proprietary technologies to significantly improve accuracy and performance for every TaylorMade Spider X model. With True Path Alignment and an improved Pure Roll insert, golfers can easily visualize their target and increase topspin to stay on the intended line. Made for golfers of all levels, the Spider X putter #3 is available as a copper model, a unique navy-blue model, & new Chalk Model.

“First of all, I think the True Path alignment in this is going to be a huge help. Stability wise, you aren't always going to have a perfect stroke, so if you can get something that gives more forgiveness and gets it rolling closer to the right starting line, it will make putting so much easier.”
- Rory McIlroy